1003 Enterprise Place, Suite 100
Arlington, TX 76001
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Dog Grooming School Arlington TX

Pet Styling in Arlington TX


Texas AllBreed Grooming School is a full-service, all-breed, all-sizes, pet styling and grooming spa for cats and dogs of all breeds. Cats and dogs with proper vaccinations are welcomed. Call us today to get book your pet's spa day in our Professional Pet Grooming School at 817-472-7054.

Standard Grooming packages include:

Texas AllBreed Grooming School Arlington TX Doggy Spa Mask

Blueberry Facial (No Eye Burns)

Texas AllBreed Grooming School Arlington TX Dog Brushing

Bath, Blow Dry, Brush or Comb out (till dry)

Texas AllBreed Grooming School Arlington TX Dog Clipping Nails

Ears, Nails Cut & Dremel, Anal Glands Expressed (If Needed), Bandana or bows

* Extra charges may apply for heavily matted areas
* Up-to Date rabies shot records required
Weekly Maintenance Programs are Available

Additional Services Available

  • Teeth Brushing
  • Nail Painting
  • Flea Treatment
* If your pet has fleas, he/she will be treated at an additional expense for the protection of all of our salon guests.